Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cold Case in Cornwall

When Sadie Sparrow, a young English police detective takes leave from her job, she visits her grandfather in Cornwall. He suggests she take the dogs out for a run through the woods. Sadie sees an old abandoned estate that she soon discovers is shrouded in mystery. Loeanneth—The Lake House, belonged to the Edevane family. One summer, during a huge lavish party,  young Theo Edevane disappeared. Sadie is intrigued by the seventy year-old cold case. She finds Alice Edevane, now a famous crime writer, still alive and living in London. Sadie writes to Alice, hoping to get permission to search the grounds for hidden clues to the crime. The Lake House by Kate Morton is a complex mystery with several story lines. It is the story of a family over three generations, full of secrets, promises, and mistaken beliefs. Fascinating! DB  

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Summer to Remember

A Summer to Remember is a feel-good romance that will touch your heart and stir your sense of hope that hurt doesn't have to last forever. This is a romance story that will make you laugh, cry and believe in hope. Author Marilyn Pappano puts her characters in true life situations giving them realistic hardships many of us face daily. The story has a touch of humor, lots of love and friendship and a good measure of hope for a well-rounded story you don't want to miss.

The characters are also well developed, likable and so realistic they could be your neighbors down the street. Pappano doesn't seem to sugar coat the fears, anxieties and loss military families face daily, along with their everyday problems. She adds in a good mix of strength and determination with a respectable support group. *JK*