Saturday, September 10, 2016

Illusion Town

This new novel, Illusion Town, is one of Jayne Castle's futuristic romance series, set on the planet of Harmony. Her books are readable as all the rest and wonderfully addictive. It can pull you right in with no effort at all.
In this paranormal romance, the characters, Hannah and Elias are powerful, both of them used to getting their way. Elias is the son of a very rich magical family, and Hannah an orphan with two loving, eccentric aunts. The two talked online for about two months prior to their date and marriage, but they are practically strangers tied together in very stressful circumstances.
You will get to experience underground catacombs, mysterious villains, true love, and a dust bunny combined to make this book a reading candy. *JK*

Friday, September 9, 2016

Murder in Maine

Hope and Maggie are friends who are testing the waters for future travel plans. They decide to take a week-long cooking class at the quaint Oquossoc Mountain Inn in Maine. Coincidentally, Buster, Hope’s distant son is working in town as a deputy sheriff. Things become interesting very quickly with the arrival of the Antippas clan---family to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Alex Antippas manages to upset everyone and get Cherry, the front desk clerk, fired. When he turns up dead in a suspicious fire, Cherry is the number one suspect. Hope and Maggie decide to do some sleuthing one their own to prove her innocence. If you like twists, turns, and an array of querky characters Death  At Breakfast by Beth Gutcheon is for you! DB

Friday, September 2, 2016

Not Just Jars!

Whether you can garden goodies or not, you are probably very familiar with Mason jars. They originated in Europe over 200 years ago. They were patented in the United States in 1858. The best part about them is the many ways they can be used. Mason Jar Nation: the jars that changed America and 50 clever ways to use them today  by Joann Moser tells all about the history and collection of jars and includes 50 creative projects. Crafts include storage, kitchen and lighting ideas. Very savvy! DB