Friday, February 12, 2016

Michigan Misfits

If you enjoy history and are intrigued with the Wild West, check out Michigan Rogues,  Desperados & Cut-throats: A Gallery of 19th Century Miscreants by Tom Powers. The lumbering era in Michigan bred some rough characters. Every area seemed to have its share of crooks and thieves. The stories are real tales of life on the Michigan frontier.
Some of the stand-outs include a pirate, a train robber and an ogre from the U.P. Truth is stranger than fiction!  DB

Friday, February 5, 2016

Must Try DIY

Looking for a project? Check out  150 Quick & Easy Furniture Projects by Pamela Porter. This colorful book is chock-full of ideas that you can do in about a weekend. Stencil a coffee table, create a cool work space or make a unique bench! You can recycle, re-purpose, upholster and update your furniture with easy and time saving tips. When it comes to DIY—Better Homes and Gardens is the best! DB

Saturday, January 30, 2016

My American Duchess

My American Duchess by Eloisa James is another great read. I enjoyed the romance, the characters and seeing them grow together in love. James writes wonderfully romantic stories and this wasn't any different. It is not exactly a fairy tale novel. But it does have similar quality of fairy tales plots where an American heiress who arrives in London in search of a husband and ends up a duchess to her great surprise.

James combines a handful of proven  tropes in this one: love at first sight, twins, love triangle, and marriage in trouble as well as the obvious American in London. If you know James's work, you will not be surprised that she gives each of these a twist that makes it her own. *JK*

Friday, January 29, 2016

Savage Secrets

Elise and Scott are a young couple who are in the Hamptons taking care of her dying father, Victor. Victor is an evil man. He abused Elise and her brother and has mistreated Scott. While Elise spends her days at the hospital, Scott stays at Victor’s house, drinks his liquor and looks for something to end his boredom. He watches a timed light go on in the house next door and decides to investigate. When he finds the door unlocked he ventures in. Later he convinces Elise to join him there for a little forbidden pleasure. What they discover is shocking. Soon the couple becomes involved in a heinous situation that spirals downward and threatens everything they have. The Winter Girl by Matt Marinovich is a dark psychological thiller that stuns the reader with wicked deeds. DB