Friday, April 18, 2014

Easy Eating!

We’re going to a chili-fest soon. While looking for an easy entry I ran across The Everything Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook by Rachel Rappaport and B. E. Horton. Rachel is a cooking teacher who has created recipes and writes a food blog, Horton is a registered dietician with a master’s degree in nutrition communication. Together they selected over 300 nutritional slow-cooked meals. There's nothing like a slow cooker  for saving time. You'll browse international recipes with fresh ingredients and spices. Tasty and Healthy! DB

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Sitcom: A History in 24 Episodes from I Love Lucy to Community by Saul Austerlitz is a well written look at the history of the sitcom as it progressed from fixed camera sets where husbands and wives couldn't mention the word pregnant to the boundary busting All in the Family which took on social issues and politics, to the multiple camera focus and live action of M*A*S*H (technically a sitcom but with deep undertones exposing darker themes).   What a long way we've gone from having spouses in twin beds (with one of the spouses always having at least one foot on the floor) to The Golden Girls who were surprisingly raunchy.  Take a walk down memory lane with The Dick Van Dyke Show, Cheers, Friends, and more and see American culture through the magic of television.  SG

The Kitties Are Coming!

Inspired by her popular blog of the same name, Laurie Cinotto's adorable and entertaining book, "The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee" follows the adventures of the many (over 40!) kitten litters she has fostered over the past 7 years.  In addition to some beautiful -- and oftentimes hilarious -- photography, Cinotto also provides helpful tips and tricks that she's learned over the years, such as how to kitten proof your home, best practices for mealtime, and even how to create your own kitten toys out of cardboard.  A fun and worthwhile read!  HM

Saturday, April 12, 2014

MakeTime for a Rhyme!

April is National Poetry Month!
Celebrate by picking up a poem book---we have quite a few!
Poetry for a lifetime: all-time favorite poems to delightand inspire all ages by Samuel Norfleet Etheredge is sure to please any reader. His selections are divided into sections for babies and youth and other categories like faith, humor and nature and patriotism. Some of the best-loved poems of all times are found inside. The author includes a little bit of history with most of the poems and provides a first line and title index too. If you only know part of a favorite poem you should be able to find it! This book would make a great introduction to poetry or gift for those who love poems!  DB

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Family Saga

Julia Glass's novel And The Dark Sacred Night, touches on some of the same characters that were in her book Three Junes, which won the National Book Award. Both books are family sagas, and we get to know, and care about the people in these families.
Kit Noonan is an unemployed art historian with twins to help support and a mortgage to pay.  Raised by a strong-willed, secretive single mother, Kit has never known the identity of his father--a mystery that his wife insists he must solve to move forward with his life. Out of desperation, Kit goes to the mountain retreat of his mother's former husband, Jasper, a take-no-prisoners outdoorsman. There, in the midst of a fierce blizzard, Kit and Jasper confront memories of the bittersweet decade when their families were joined. A lovely read. ML

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Zen of Doodling

If you're not familiar with the art of Zentangle be sure to check out the beautiful books that the library owns on this art form.  Zentangle is the zen of 'tangling' or doodling, something we all do once in awhile I would imagine.  To get started try the Yoga for Your Brain: Zentangle Workout Book by Sandy Steen Batholomew.  This title gives you many ideas, tips and projects along with 60 tangle patterns.  Expand your knowledge with Zentangle 2: 25 More Tangles by Suzanne Mcneill and then be sure to take your tangling up a notch with The Beauty of Zentangle: Inspirational Examples from 137 Tangle Artists Worldwide by Suzanne McNeill.  The different styles presented by different zentangle artists is truly eye opening and will get you grabbing for your pencil in no time.  It used to be the norm that tangles were in black and white but Suzanne takes it to the next level by adding color to tangles, bringing brilliance and excitement to her work in Zentangle 9: Color with Mixed Media.  SG

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pack the Pooch and Go!

If you love traveling and don’t want to leave your pooch behind ---DOG LOVER'S GUIDE TO TRAVEL: BEST DESTINATIONS, HOTELS, EVENTS, AND ADVICE TO PLEASE YOUR PET-AND YOU by Kelly E. Carter is a must-see! In addition to a regional guide of pet-friendly hotels and play areas, the book also lists emergency vets, local pet-sitters and great places for doggie meals and pet apparel. The introduction gives advice on determining if your dog is ready for travel, how to fly or drive with Fido and etiquette tips for hiking and eating in restaurants with your four-legged friend. Stop in and check out this paw-some book! DB