Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Your Next Epic Adventure

Maerad is a slave girl, orphaned, and living a miserable existence. She is only able to escape the worst kinds of torture because everyone thinks she's a witch child who will bring plague and famine if she's treated too poorly. But her life is still far from pleasant. Then one day everything changes. A mysterious stranger, Cadvan, arrives and hints that Maerad may not be who she's always thought she was. Turns out Maerad is a Bard, one of an elite group of magicians and healers resopnsible for maintaining the balance of light and dark throughout the Land of Annar. What's more, Maerad may be The Chosen One, destined to destroy The Nameless, the terrible evil threatening to plunge all of Annar into darkness. Thus begins Maerad's training as a Bard and her epic journey to discover her true identity and destiny.

The Naming is the first book in Alison Croggin's Books of Pellinor series, which can be found on the Teen Area's "series" shelf. Croggon does a remarkable job in crafting an entirely new and believable fantasy world, and her exquisitely detailed writing is reminicent of J.R.R. Tolkien (there's even a map in the front of the book so readers can follow Maerad on her journey). Those looking for the next Epic Adveture need look no further than The Naming. --AJL

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